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Friday, 3 February 2012

G Casino Presents 'The Retro Wedding Fair'

G Casino are holding a Retro Wedding Fair on 11th March 2012.

Date: 11th March 2012

Time: 11am - 4pm
Venue, G Casino, Bury New Road 2 Ramsgate Street, Manchester M8 9SG
Website: http://www.grosvenorcasinos.com/local-casinos/manchester

Entry fee is £1 for all guests and there is no need to book however there will be a glass of champagne and an information pack available for all the guests on the guest list.

There will be a variety of stalls selling all the services that you need for your retro / vintage wedding.

These include:

Retro and Vintage Event Planning and Design (Me, Polka Dots and Pearls)
Fresh and Silk Flowers
Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses
Retro and Vintage Clothing
Accessories including Jewellery
Venue Dressing
Candy Buffets / Candy Cart

There will be a catwalk between 1 - 2 pm showcasing the clothing and accessories available, there will also be Live Entertainment from the fantastic 'Bexi Owen'.

Please email Rebecca to put your name on the guest list or for more information.

Real Life Engagement Story - Elizabeth & Jay, May 21st 2010

This is the second real life proposal story to feature on the blog, and I am so excited about this story.

The first feature was last July and was a little closer to home than this one, however they are both absolutely fantastic stories, very unique, different and totally romantic!

I put out a request on my Facebook page for anyone that had an engagement story that they wanted to share with me, Elizabeth caught my attention with the description of how her fiance proposed and kindly emailed me over more details. If this story doesn't bring a little happy tear to your eye, I don't know what would.

So, first of all, let's meet the happy couple - here we have the gorgeous Elizabeth Gruening and her fiancé Jason Hay from Toronto, Canada.

Jay proposed to Liz on May 21st, 2010. Here is her story.
Elizabeth's birthday is early May and for a present Jay supplied her with a card, with 3 pictures inside. A picture of a beach, a picture of what looked like Europe and a camping picture, along with text that said  
“You will be going to one of these places on May 24th weekend so be prepared, Love Jay”

'My mind started racing, where could I be going for the weekend? And then I started to worry…what do I pack?'

Although the holiday was a lovely surprise, it didn't cross Elizabeth's mind that Jay might propose, as he works for an airline and so it wasn't a shock for him to announce a weekend away.

Two weeks went by and there had been no mention of the upcoming trip. Then on the Thursday before they were supposed to leave Elizabeth received a text from Jason with a clue...  
“We go there every morning for a wake up when I stay at your place, meet me there”.   

So after work Elizabeth made her way to her local Starbucks, she knew that this was the only place it could be. Sure enough she found Jason sitting there waiting for her with a TTC pass and a piece a paper.  This piece of paper was another clue. He kissed her goodbye and said “See you soon”

'From this point on, Jason had me on a scavenger hunt all over the downtown core of Toronto, finding clues.' 

Jason had put clues in a number of places that meant something to them. The first place they met, the place they go swing dancing on a Saturday night, their favourite bar for nachos, their favourite Wednesday night hangout, Elizabeth's favourite bar and finally it ended at their local blockbuster, where they love to rent films. To get the last clue Elizabeth had to find Jason's favourite movie, this clue then lead her back home. 

Each clue had a letter or a number on the back, Elizabeth had to keep them in the order she found them for when she got home, as she had to type the sequence into the computer to discover where she was going....

and the destination…Cuba!!! 

From then on Elizabeth was understandably excited, as she was heading to her favourite resort for 3 days of relaxation. What a birthday present!

'We arrived in Cuba and I am thinking this is the best present ever!  As this was our 4th time here, we had our favourite room and on the door it said “Welcome home Mr and Mrs Hay”. I started laughing and said to Jason “Your parents are here?”. He for some reason did not find that too funny and awkwardly laughed and walked away saying “Lets hit the swim up bar”.'

At the bar Elizabeth and Jason got talking to a bunch of people but really gravitated towards this one couple. During conversation the couple asked Elizabeth and Jason if they were married, and of course they said no. They turned to Jason and asked “so, why have you not proposed after 2 years together?” Jason once again, just laughed and asked Elizabeth if she wanted to go for a walk along the beach before dinner.

'We hit the room first, where Jason is encouraging me to go to the bathroom. “Liz I think you should visit the ladies room, you know there is no bathroom on the beach”. I did not have to go, but he was really insistent. (Later on I realised that he needed to get the ring out of the safe, so that's why he needed me in the bathroom!)'

'Finally we get to the beach and as we start to head to the water I turn to Jason and say “You know, one day I really looking forward to being Mrs Hay”. Jason then turns to me and says “Well funny you should say that because I have something to ask you. You mean the world to me, I love you so very much, you are my best friend and it would be amazing if you would marry me. Liz will you marry me?”.'

'As he is saying this he has not pulled out the ring, so my instant reaction was to say “Are you (insert bad word here) kidding me?!”  Jason stops pulling out the ring from his pocket and says “Yes, yes I am, I did all of this as one big joke!...no I am not kidding! Will you marry me?” 

And of course she said 'Yes!'.

As you can imagine, Elizabeth said it was absolutely awesome, being proposed to as the sun sets on the beach in Cuba. 

“We have to go back to the room and call your parents they are waiting for your phone call”

'I asked him how they knew about the engagement and he told me that the Wednesday before we left he drove 6 hours round trip to Sarnia and back to Toronto to ask my parents if he could marry me! My parents of course said yes...and then the rest is history.'

Isn't that at fantastic story! Huge congratulations to Elizabeth and Jason, thank you Elizabeth for sharing it with us, and a massive well done to Jason. What a proposal! The amount of thought, time and organisation that must have gone into the whole adventure is simply amazing, and certainly shows the levels he will go to to impress his lady. I wish you both all the happiness in the world and I'm sure Elizabeth will be expecting more exciting adventures in the future! I think I would be!

Best Wishes,
Polka Dots and Pearls