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Monday, 16 January 2012

Charity Catwalk Show - 'The 1950's Pin Up Party'

This is an event that I a very excited to be involved in. A young lady came to me a few months back and asked for my help with regards to holding a charity event. She work's at Clarks and is their ambassador of the Shoe Biz appeal, she had recently been on a field trip to Zambia to see first hand how the money they had raised so far was being used.

She found this trip extremely inspirational and she came home with a bigger drive to help those more vulnerable than ourselves.

A bit about the charity

The Shoe Biz appeal encourages customers to donate old and unwanted shoes, whatever the make or condition, to be recycled and the proceeds go towards providing education to children worldwide. They work in partnership with UNICEF, and this is who we will be raising money for at the event.

The ideas she had were fantastic and she had a clear vision of what she wanted to do, it was more about me helping her put her ideas into action. Her idea was based around a catwalk show or a fancy dress event with a few stalls and areas for various different activities such as 'Express Booths' for hair, beauty and photo's.

At our first meeting, we decided on a catwalk event, and we thought as I specialise in retro and vintage events then a '1950's Pin-Up theme' would make it relevant to what I do and will mean I can use the contacts that I have to make the event happen.

We will be keeping this fair local, and are almost certainly decided on Ridgmont House in Horwich. We are looking at date's in July and just need to decide between Sunday 1st July and Sunday 29th July. It will be held on an afternoon as we want children to be able to attend if they wish.

Money will be raised by stallholder fees, a charity raffle and selling tickets for the event. Once the dates etc are sorted there will be a flyer made with all the information for people wishing to attend as a guest.

The finer details are still to be arranged however I wanted to start building a database of local people that may be interested in taking part.

There will an area for a variety of stalls for guests to browse, most likely before and after the catwalk and then there will be the catwalk event, along with afternoon tea. There will be a stallholder charge of between £10 - £20 depending on if you want a stall and to feature in the catwalk show or you can do one or the other. I would like to add that the stalls will be held mainly for people selling accessories as the clothing will be well advertised throughout the catwalk.

We will be looking for:
  • Stallholders that specialise in retro / vintage products and accessories
  • Businesses to showcase their clothing products and accessories on the catwalk
  • Volunteers to model for the catwalk
  • Someone who does vintage / retro hair and make up (preferably one of each as it will be an express booth)
  • Prize donations for a charity raffle
  • A shoe stall, that would be willing to offer a discount for anyone that donates old shoes towards Shoe Biz
If you are interested in taking part, or wish to donate any of your products or services towards the event at all then please get in touch, your help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,




  1. Will add this link to my blog
    Beverley xx

  2. id be interested to model for the catwalk
    fiona if u are still looking for girls to take part as models, please dont hestitate to contact me by email: misstovey@gmail.com
    Look forward to hearing from you