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Monday, 23 January 2012

Charity Catwalk Show - 29th July 2012 - Calling all local businesses

'The 1950's Pin Up Party' - Charity Catwalk Show - 29th July 2012

We can now announce that this event will be held on Sunday 29th July 2012 at Ridgmont House, Horwich.

We are looking for various people to take part in the event and showcase their fantastic work. To read more about the event, please see our previous blog post.

We are looking for:
  • Stallholders that specialise in retro / vintage products and accessories
  • Businesses to showcase their clothing products and accessories on the catwalk
  • Volunteers to model for the catwalk
  • Someone who does vintage / retro hair and make up
  • Prize donations for a charity raffle
  • A shoe stall, that would be willing to offer a discount for anyone that donates old shoes towards Shoe Biz
  • Someone who has a large collection of Vintage Crockery 
  • Any entertainers that wish to participate in the event
It will be £10 for a stall and £10 to showcase your work on the catwalk, you are able to do both if you wish however ideally we would like to keep the stalls available for people selling accessories, as the clothes will be well advertised on the catwalk. 
If you are interested in taking part, or wish to donate any of your products or services towards the event at all then please get in touch, your help will be greatly appreciated.

***Please note, tickets for this event will be on sale to the public very soon.***

Monday, 16 January 2012

Charity Catwalk Show - 'The 1950's Pin Up Party'

This is an event that I a very excited to be involved in. A young lady came to me a few months back and asked for my help with regards to holding a charity event. She work's at Clarks and is their ambassador of the Shoe Biz appeal, she had recently been on a field trip to Zambia to see first hand how the money they had raised so far was being used.

She found this trip extremely inspirational and she came home with a bigger drive to help those more vulnerable than ourselves.

A bit about the charity

The Shoe Biz appeal encourages customers to donate old and unwanted shoes, whatever the make or condition, to be recycled and the proceeds go towards providing education to children worldwide. They work in partnership with UNICEF, and this is who we will be raising money for at the event.

The ideas she had were fantastic and she had a clear vision of what she wanted to do, it was more about me helping her put her ideas into action. Her idea was based around a catwalk show or a fancy dress event with a few stalls and areas for various different activities such as 'Express Booths' for hair, beauty and photo's.

At our first meeting, we decided on a catwalk event, and we thought as I specialise in retro and vintage events then a '1950's Pin-Up theme' would make it relevant to what I do and will mean I can use the contacts that I have to make the event happen.

We will be keeping this fair local, and are almost certainly decided on Ridgmont House in Horwich. We are looking at date's in July and just need to decide between Sunday 1st July and Sunday 29th July. It will be held on an afternoon as we want children to be able to attend if they wish.

Money will be raised by stallholder fees, a charity raffle and selling tickets for the event. Once the dates etc are sorted there will be a flyer made with all the information for people wishing to attend as a guest.

The finer details are still to be arranged however I wanted to start building a database of local people that may be interested in taking part.

There will an area for a variety of stalls for guests to browse, most likely before and after the catwalk and then there will be the catwalk event, along with afternoon tea. There will be a stallholder charge of between £10 - £20 depending on if you want a stall and to feature in the catwalk show or you can do one or the other. I would like to add that the stalls will be held mainly for people selling accessories as the clothing will be well advertised throughout the catwalk.

We will be looking for:
  • Stallholders that specialise in retro / vintage products and accessories
  • Businesses to showcase their clothing products and accessories on the catwalk
  • Volunteers to model for the catwalk
  • Someone who does vintage / retro hair and make up (preferably one of each as it will be an express booth)
  • Prize donations for a charity raffle
  • A shoe stall, that would be willing to offer a discount for anyone that donates old shoes towards Shoe Biz
If you are interested in taking part, or wish to donate any of your products or services towards the event at all then please get in touch, your help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,



Sunday, 15 January 2012

A bit about me...

Most of my blog posts have been about the business and my plans, so I thought it would be a good idea to give you a bit of an insight into who I am, the woman behind Polka Dots and Pearls. I've included some basic information, a few photo's relevant to me and my life and I've added some answers to random questions that I found on Google.

Here goes.

My name is Rebecca Ebbitt, I am 23, 5ft 10 and I was born in Lancashire, North West of England and I have one sister who is younger than me.


After completing my A Levels I went on to get an office job and studied Interior Design in my spare time.

I got married in June 2011 to my wonderful husband Nick. We met when I was 17, he was 24 and we have been together ever since.

After getting married I decided I wanted to combine my love for design, organising and planning with my love for everything retro and vintage, this was the start of Polka Dots and Pearls.

We have recently bought a 1971 VW Camper van called 'Doris', she is currently being done up and I can't wait to get to drive her this year. I have plans to use her in my business so watch this space.

I love travelling and visiting new places, my favourite places so far have been Kenya (My Honeymoon) and Thailand.



I made no new year resolutions this year, however I do intend on learning how to do victory rolls in my own hair.

I drink tea, go to the gym about 4 times and week and have just started Pilate's. I also want to start Roller Skating lessons. I have a love for stupidly high heels even though I am 5ft 10 anyway.

My favourite meals are sausage and mash, closely followed by fish, chips and mushy peas.
My favourite desserts are apple crumble and custard and cheesecake.
I like scones with jam and clotted cream, Milky Way crispy rolls and Curly Wurly', but I will eat most stuff.
When I go out I drink Kopparberg Cider, Vodka and Lemonade or the odd shot of pink Sambuca.

My first car was a Citroen Saxo, now I drive a Golf  TDI sport, and soon a camper van as well.
I have no pets at my house, but I have dogs that I grew up with at my mum's, a Springer Spaniel and a Black Labrador.

I have no children yet but they are something I hope for in the future. My favourite names are Jake, Owen and Lucy.

I don't plan an instrument, I can't sing or dance, I can't bake and I can't even do Roley Poly's. But I can cook, I am creative and organised and I like to have fun.

I don't really have a favourite colour but I do like red, pink and purple the best.

A random selection of songs I like are:       

'The Foundations - Build me Up Buttercup'

'Elbow - One Day Like This'

'Candi Staton - You Got The Love' (First Dance at our wedding)

'Talizman - Only You'

'Yuck - Georgia'

20 Random Questions answered by me

Peanut Butter or Jam?
I love both, but I'd say Peanut Butter, on hot toast :o)

Star Sign
Which band did you last see live?
I think it was Friendly Fires, or Yuck. They were in the same week.
If you could have a dinner party with you and five other people, living or dead who would they be?
Erm, I think I'd choose Marilyn Monroe, Amy Winehouse, Ian Curtis, my husband Nick and Kate Middleton. A total random mix.

Words to live your life by?
For Everything A Reason.

Blonde or Brunette?
Blonde. Definitely. I have been brunette, but I'm a natural blonde and I feel more 'me' with blonde hair.
Where were you 3 hours ago?
In my house, cleaning up. Exciting.

Who are you in love with?
Mr Nick Ebbitt.  

Have you ever eaten a crayon?
Nope,not that I know of anyway. Yak.

Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
Yes, I'm wearing a pink jumper, I have a pink cover on my phone, a pink notebook, a collection of pink teacups, a pink heart shaped balloon (blown up may I add) and I have a pink Casio watch on.

Are you wearing socks right now?
No, just some snuggly slippers. Maybe I should be though as it's a bit chilly.
Last film you saw at the cinema:
The Artist. I loved it, highly recommended.

What was the last thing you had to drink?
A cup of tea. Milk, no sugar. 

When is the last time you ran?
Probably yesterday in the gym. Or I did run upstairs before if that counts.
What's the last sporting event you watched live?
I think it was the Bolton V Wolverhampton football game on New Year's Eve, I went to the match.
What is your favourite animal?
Probably a giraffe. Especially after going to Kenya.

Last person's house you were in?
My friend Holly's. I went round for tea and to talk babies, she's expecting a little girl.

Worst injury you've ever had?
I think I broke my fingers when I was little. Other than that I've not really been injured as such, apart from  the off bruise and scrape from falling over. I'm quite clumsy.

Do you have a tan?
No. I hardly ever have a tan.

Do you collect anything?

OK, I think this is enough about me now, hope this gave you an insight into me. Now, feel free to copy and paste the random questions in the comments box and answer them yourself.x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Polka Dots and Pearls: Retro Tea Parties

Retro Tea Parties

Now don't get me wrong, I love vintage and the whole vintage look, it's so elegant and classy, but there's something about things being abit more retro, abit more in your face, bright and bold that really catches my attention.

I have collected some gorgeous items over the last few months, many of which have been bought from Vintage Retro Kitsch and I wanted to show them off to you.

They will be used for small retro tea parties that are booked with Polka Dots and Pearls, along with the accessories and props.


Thank you to my sister of J & V Photography for these amazing photo's.

End of year review for Polka Dots and Pearls.

The last 5 months have been very exciting for me in regards to setting up Polka Dots and Pearls. I have learnt so much and met so many lovely people and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. This is only the beginning for me and everyday I have a little moment of excitement about what lies ahead.

I have a huge load of appreciation for my friend of Nomnom Photograpy who gave me advise and support when I wanted to set up the business, he helped me set out my ideas and get a clearer idea of what steps to take. He is also a fantastic photographer and took the stunning photo's that are on my website promoting the various Photoshoots that I offer. He is one of the Photographers that works with me on the shoots.

I must also say a huge THANK YOU to Business Boom Bolton, as they have supported me from the very beginning, promoting my business and they have just been a fantastic support for me. Below are the links from Business Boom Bolton, one is a write up about Polka Dots and Pearls and one is an interview with me.

Introduction to Polka Dots and Pearls

Interview with me, Rebecca Ebbitt

The first event I attended was Vintage Fairs by Victoria Claire on the 9th October 2011. This was a fantastic event and as it was local I felt it would be a good opportunity for me to get the business name known.

I was then invited by Little Poppet Cupcakes to co-host a charity tea party event at the local Cineworld in aid of Bolton Hospice. Together we raised over £300 for the hospice.

More details about this can be found in the articles below:

Business Boom Bolton article - Vintage Tea Party and Bake Sale

The Bolton News

Throughout November, I ran a little campaign to help my Husband raise money for Movember. I made and sold moustache badges for £1. I raised around £20 towards his Movember fund.

My next event was one hosted by myself, Polka Dots and Pearls: The Christmas Fair - I'm sure you've seen all about this on the blog, so I won't go into details about it again. Click Here if you wish to read the review from the fair.

Shortly after the fair I had my first Prop Box hire customer who hired the box for her wedding day on the 16th December, she was very happy with it and said it provided so much entertainment for the guests. I will hopefully see some photo's from her day soon and I can't wait. I love knowing that my services made a difference to the biggest day of someones life.

So this has been my review of the last few months, but I would love to hear your comments and reviews on how you think I have done and what you would like to see from Polka Dots and Pearls in the new year.

A huge thanks again to each and everyone of you and here's to 2012!

Much Love,



Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Better late than never....The Christmas Fair review.

Well, not only is Polka Dots and Pearls: The Christmas Fair well and truly over, so is Christmas altogether for another year. I hope you all had a lovely time and spend quality time with the people you love, remembered those that are no longer with us and thought about those less fortunate.

So our fair was on the 4th December at Horwich RMI, the venue caused me quite alot of issues with regards to organising on the day, however despite this the day was a great success, the stalls looked fantastic and I met some lovely people.

There was a good variety of products on offer which was what I wanted for the day, the stallholders were all so talented and put so much care and enthusiasm into their work, and you could see this from the way the set up the stalls, the way they spoke about their work and the way they interacted with the customers and each other.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person that helped make the event what it was, and as first public events go, I was thrilled at how successful it was.

As you may know, we held a raffle, and a small tombola, in aid of Bolton Hospice. We raised just over £122.00 from this. I thank everybody that donated prizes, bought tickets and supported us on the day, this money will help keep Bolton Hospice continue the excellent work that they already do.

As well as the raffle we asked people if they had any spare coats around the house to 'Donate a Coat', these were then given to Age UK. After counting up all the coats, many of which were donated by Bits and Bangles, who kindly spread the word around the leisure centre that the work at, Age UK have advised that we donated about 31 coats, and many of these had already been sold within the last month.

This is fantastic news and it makes me so happy to know that we will have helped improve somebody's quality of life, whether it's at the Hospice or an Elderly person through Age UK.

There is also one other thing that I feel I need to mention, and that's the presence of a celebrity at the fair. For those of you that like your soaps, you will probably recognise this gorgeous woman, Roxanne Pallett, from Emmerdale - now not many small fair organisers can say that they had a celebrity at their fair, and what a pleasure it was too. She spend alot of time looking at the stalls, chatting with the stall holders and even posing for photographs, which she kindly said we could use on he blog.

So again I express my greatest thanks and appreciation to each and every one of you that helped out, booked a stall and attended the fair, and I hope to see you all again soon.

Happy New Year!

Polka Dots and Pearls