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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Polka Dots and Pearls Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago Polka Dots and Pearls and Nomnom Photography teamed up with Cyanide Kiss for a photoshoot. The shoot was to advertise the photoshoot packages that we offer, and Cyanide Kiss were kind enough to lend us some of their gorgeous dresses for the photos.

We went up to the Rivington near Bolton and took some gorgeous photo's in the grounds of castle ruins. The location was gorgeous and the model, Kara, gave us some fantastic photos.

These photographs are taken in a wedding dress and are very classy and elegant - these kind of photo's would be lovely for a bride as another memory of her big day and her fantastic dress.

Since I got married I have had my own Rock the Frock shoot planned, so here are a few of my photo's - I wanted my shoot to be quite fun and full of my personality. The drop from where I was standing was a very long way down.

After the wedding dress shoot, Kara popped on a fifties style dress made by Oh My Honey and had a stroll through some lovely fields full of Lavender - these photo's are gorgeous, Nomnom Photography has worked the colours really well and I adore the editing to make the colours stand out.

Any dress can be used for these kind of shoots, it is a fantastic way of getting another use out of that special dress, it could be a bridesmaid dress, a prom dress or even just a dress you have that you really like and would love to have some amazing photos taken in it for your memories.

Take a look - doesn't Kara look stunning!

Here's a couple more location photo's that we did in a Cyanide Kiss dress.

After finishing the location shoots, we then went back to Nomnom's studio for some pin-up style shoots - these were good fun, and again another thing that I had planned for myself since getting married. The photoshoots that I wanted are what gave me the idea to set up Polka Dots and Pearls - I think everyone should be encouraged to have a retro photoshoot at some point, they are so much fun!

The dresses that were lent to us by Cyanide Kiss are worn by Kara in these shoots. They are such gorgeous dresses and Laura is a brilliant designer.

 And here's a few photo's from my shoot - again I wanted to have fun with them and I am so happy with the final results.

If you'd like a photoshoot similar to any these please get it touch either by email or on my website - www.polkadotsandpearls.co.uk.

Huge thanks to Nomnom Photography, Cyanide Kiss and Kara Sharpe for all your help with the photoshoot.


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