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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Real Engagements - Your Stories

A Real Engagement - A first for Man City Football Club

When it comes to proposing, nobody can say Phil Adamson is unimaginative. For some women, the thought of combining football and romance just doesn't fit, and they would much rather sit at home watching Corrie with a glass of red than go anywhere near a football stadium - so it's a good job Kim Calland is a huge Manchester City fan!

Back in March 2010, Phil wanted to surprise Kim and give her a day to remember - knowing that she was an avid fan of the blues, he got her tickets to tour the grounds of the Manchester City stadium as a birthday present. Little did Kim know at the time, her birthday wasn't the only reason for the tour.

'I didn't know he was planning it and for my birthday he got me tickets to tour the grounds of the City stadium as we are both massive City fans'

On the day they were met by a tour guide and a film crew at the grounds - Kim was told they were there for website purposes only.

'We were taken round as if it was a normal tour - but just the 2 of us. At the end of the tour we where taken through the players tunnel and I was took to the managers chair - still unaware of what was going on! He then got down on one knee and the message came up on the big screen - he asked the question - then my family and a City player came to greet us with champagne - the film crew was actually there to film the whole day...'

Phil's proposal to Kim appeared on You Tube and on the Manchester City website as they were the first couple to get engaged at the City stadium. 

Well I think it's pretty obvious that Kim said yes, and what a fantastic story to tell. It must be amazing knowing that they made history and that nobody will ever have an engagement story the same as theirs!

Phil and Kim haven't yet set a date for the wedding but they plan to do so in the near future - and they plan on getting wed in the Maldives - very nice!

You can see Phil pop the question on the Manchester City Website.

Huge thanks to Kim Calland for sharing her story with me - all the best for the future!


This is my first feature on real life events, if you have a story and would like to feature on my blog, please get in touch.

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