Polka Dots and Pearls is an events planning and design company, specialising in Vintage and Retro themed events.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Christmas Fair - Loopylicious

Loopylicious is our most recent confirmed stallholder. They hand make and paint designer bags and clothing.

Come along to the fair and check out their work, you will find some fantastic gifts.

The Christmas Fair - Katie Hanratty

Alongside Alice Eleanor we will have Katie Hanratty, a fantastic illustrator who will be selling prints and badges at the fair.

You can check out her work on her website.

So come on down to the fair and pick up all the presents you need, from the one place!

The Christmas Fair - Alice Eleanor

Alice Eleanor will be joining us at the fair, and what an exciting edition to the day they are! Alice Eleanor run ethical fashion workshops as well as creating their own Up cycled Creations, from accessories to dresses.

As well as selling their fantastic products, they will be holding a mini workshop for you to take part in - Learn how to make recycled paper decorations for your tree.

You can check out some examples of Alice Eleanor's creations on their fantastic website, on Facebook, or you can follow them on Twitter.


The Christmas Fair - The Lavender House

We will be joined at the Christmas Fair by Mandy from The Lavender House in Horwich. They will be selling their gorgeous flower arrangements on the day so make sure that you come along and get your floral christmas decorations.

You can find The Lavender House on Facebook.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Christmas Fair - Little Teapots

We are delighted to announce that Little Teapots will be joining us at the Christmas Fair on 4th December.

They will be providing a fabulous vintage tea party, so you can sit and enjoy a cake or two from Little Poppet Cupcakes or Forget Me Not Bakery and a cup of tea from Little Teapots stunning china.

Their china is available to hire for your event, please see the website www.littleteapots.co.uk or Twitter profile @littleteapotsUK for more information.

The Christmas Fair - Shewa Designs

Shewa designs are another fantastic confirmed stall holder for our fair. 

Shewa Designs produce vibrant, bold and dynamic designs. They will be selling Cards, flower decorations, Framed Prints and Small Canvases at the fair.

You can check out their brilliant work on their website www.shewadesigns.co.uk and you can follow them on Twitter.

Their products will make gorgeous gifts for friends and family. 

The Christmas Fair - Made by Emma

I am so happy to announce that Made by Emma is another confirmed stallholder for our Christmas fair on 4th December. 

Made by Emma specialises in unique, bespoke personalised gifts, such as wine glasses, pint glasses, photoframes, eggcups, mugs, baubles, for every occasion.

You can check out her products on her website www.madebyemma.co.uk or Facebook page or you can follow her on twitter

Come on down to the fair and get your personalised gifts, they will make someone's day.


Monday, 31 October 2011

The Christmas Fair - Julies creations

Our 16th wonderful confirmed stallholder is a fantastic addition to the fair- Julie's Creations.

I asked Julie to describe her business to me and tell me what she will be selling on the day:

'I love to sew and make anything from many types of cushions to dolls pram sets,crayon rolls, shoe bags, sock monkeys and then as a change from sewing i make nappy cakes and small gift items. In between all this I also like to do some hand knitting.

On the day of the craft fair I hope to sell a variety of items like Xmas cushions, children's cushions, Table runners/napkins, pram sets and of course my favourite of all times the sock monkeys. '
Julie will have such a brilliant variety of gifts and decorations on sale that there will be something for everyone for sure!

Take a look at Julie's gorgeous products on her Facebook page or on her website and pop down to the fair to do your Christmas shopping.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Christmas Fair - Sesame and Lilly

We are excited to announce that Sesame and Lilly are our newest confirmed stallholder at the Christmas Fair.

I asked Lucinda to tell me what her business is all about:

'Sesame and Lilly grew from a little box of antique trinkets and vintage french fabric, creating beautiful cushions, greeting cards, vintage journals and  keepsake jewellery for star crossed lovers.'

I adore the products and their website and I cannot wait to see the stall, there will be some fantastic, gorgeous products available and they will make perfect gifts for vintage lovers everywhere!

Check out their website and come on down to the fair to see the stunning products that they have to offer. 

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Christmas Fair - Karen Krinks Crafts

Karen Krinks Crafts is our fourteenth confirmed stallholder.  She makes fantastic hexagonal patchwork makeup bags/pencil cases, cushions and aprons, giant rag dolls and embroidered cushion covers. She will be selling a selection of all these on the day.

To see Karens wonderful handmade products, pop into the Christmas fair on 4th December at Horwich RMI. Buy something original and handmade for your loved ones.

 Karen Krinks Crafts

The Christmas Fair - Clasibags

Clasibags are another exciting stallholder that have confirmed at The Christmas Fair.

They make knitted, felted and fabric bags and accessories. You can check out their gorgeous products on their website, Facebook and you can follow them on Twitter.

Here are just a couple of the fantastic reviews Clasibags have received from their customers:
'My clasitote arrived today! I am absolutely thrilled with it, it was delivered very quickly and packaged beautifully. But enough of that, onto the bag! The fabric is of a really fantastic quality and the stitching is top notch. I love the lining and the thoughtful little pocket will be really handy! This bag is just beautiful, I can't believe I'm allowed to own it! Thank you so much Claire'
'I am a clasibag collector - I love them felted and now I have yummy caterpillar tote. They are all fabulous and I always get comments on them. Claire is very talented and definitely one of my best find on facebook.'

These bags will be a wonderful gift for a friend or family member, and you can be sure that nobody else will have got them the same present!

The Christmas Fair - Sew Daisy

Sew Daisy are two mum's from Bolton who love to sew! I came across their fantastic products on Etsy and knew that they would be perfect for my fair - so I sent them a message and they are now confirmed stall holders - so you too check out their work.

They have a few items on Etsy, but as well as cushions and bags they also do other handmade needle crafted gifts such as hanging hearts, doorstops, toys and aprons.

I am very excited to see their other products, especially their aprons as I have been looking for a cute apron for a while.
You can also check out Sew Daisy on Facebook.

Come on down to the fair to check out the fantastic products on offer - there is something for everyone here!

The Christmas Fair - Spangles Jewellery

Spangles Jewellery is now a confirmed stallholder at The Christmas Fair on 4th December. She makes gorgeous Swarovski crystal jewellery for all occasions.

They do a wide range of stunning jewellery at fantastic prices and have nothing but amazing reviews from their customers:

'Thank you so much for the bracelet it is absolute beautiful, I will be telling every one I no about u and putting your cards in the local shop, I really am so pleased and will be ordering again of you very soon, as I have a christening and a birthday coming up, thank you very much again xxxxxx'

'Thanks so much for my jewellery! You were great at helping me out, the boxes were beautiful and my friends loved the earrings. Thanks xx'

You can see more of their excellent products and reviews on their website, Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Come on down to the fair to check out Spangles' stall and treat your loved ones to a special piece of jewellery for Christmas.


Friday, 14 October 2011

Prop Hire For Events

Polka Dots and Pearls and Vintage Retro Kitsch are teaming up to offer you a prop hiring service for your vintage and retro events.

The little touches are what make your event memorable, and add to theme of it all. They can also be used for photoshoots through Polka Dots and Pearls to give your photo's that extra retro touch.

We will be adding props regularly but here are the items we have on offer so far:

A retro picnic basket with cutlery and a blanket

An original 1950's Bush Radio

A retro themed record cake stand

 A gorgeous retro water set and a retro radio

 A small retro table

Some more fabulous retro radios

A very cool retro typewriter

A retro desk fan and a retro projector

A very cute retro sewing box

A 1959's Brownie camera (prop only)

A selection of glass jars available with or without the sweets

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Vintage Tea Party, Bolton Cineworld, 21st October 2011

The Vintage Fair by Victoria Claire

Well, I did my first fair on Sunday, it was a Vintage Fair in Westhoughton and was the first of it's kind in the local area.

The Fair was held by Victoria who has a fabulous vintage stall on Westhoughton market - Vibrant Vintage by Victoria Claire. It was the first fair that Victoria has organised and it went really well. All the stalls and stallholders were amazing and the customers were so friendly and loved the whole event.

My stall showed off the services I offer - I had a mini candy buffet, with some cupcakes designed for me by the fantastic Little Poppet Cupcakes (I ate one, they were extremely tasty!), a selection of photo's from photo shoots that we have done, and we had the prop box - but only a few of the customers were up for having their photo taken by us...these two were up for it though (My sister and sister-in-law )

And a few photo's of my stall...

Victoria is holding another fair on 4th December at The Mercury in Westhoughton, so if your free pop down and check it out.


The Christmas Fair - Cards With A Difference

Cards With A Difference is our latest confirmed stallholder for The Christmas Fair. Her cards are fantastic and she has such a variety - I'm pretty sure there are cards available for every occasion, and if there isn't one there that's perfect for you, contact her and she will work with you to make the perfect one.

 I asked Cards With a Difference to descibe her business to me:

'High quality handmade greetings cards made by myself using various techniques of rubber stamping, decoupage, stencilling.  Handmade bookmarks.  Pictures made by using rubber stamped images suitable for children's bedrooms/nurseries. My cards can be seen by visiting my website.'

You can check out her cards on her website, her Facebook page and you can even follow her on Twitter.

So come along to the Christmas Fair and treat your loved ones to a special card this Christmas!

The Christmas Fair - Rebecca Palmer Photography

Rebecca Palmer is a fantastic, and highly skilled photographer, studying at Bolton University. She has confimed her place at the Christmas Fair and will be working alongside me to offer photoshoots to the customers.

We will set up a mini studio at the fair and customers will have full access to the prop box, customers can come along and have their photo taken professionally - either sensible, or not if your brave enough to use the props!  Prints can then be purchased from myself or Rebecca and will make lovely christmas gifts for your family and friends.

You can check out Rebecca's work on her website or on her Facebook page.

Rebecca will also be attending The Vintage Tea Party held by myself and Little Poppet Cupcakes on 21st October. She will be available to take photo's of the guests as they enjoy the tea and cake on offer!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Christmas Fair - Wendy Ann's Bracelets

Wendy Anns Bracelet's has confirmed her place at the Christmas Fair on 4th December 2011.

She make's beaded bracelets, beaded necklaces and earrings and the profits from her sales goes to christie's hospital as she is fundraisng in memory of her father-in-law.

You can see Wendy Anns work on her Facebook page and please do come and check out her stall at the fair.

The Christmas Fair - Bex Bling

Bex Bling is another confirmed stall holder for the Christmas Fair - she offers unique, one-of-a-kind jewellery meaning none of your friends will be wearing the same as you!

Here's what Bex said about her business:

'100% original/offbeat handmade male & female jewellery – necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, rings, earrings, bag charms, key rings etc. I hope to have some Christmas related items as well.
Also have begun making printed t-shirts, “Vee-Shirts”, so hope to have some of these and maybe other types of clothing. Jewellery mainly though.'

Bex can also make an original item(s) to request whether it be for your own personal indulgence or as a gift. She will discuss your design idea(s) and work with you to produce what you want.

You can see bex's bling on her Facebook page, check it out and come and snap up some of her fantastic designs - that's your Christmas presents sorted!


The Christmas Fair - Miss Sparkle

Miss Sparkle is a stall holder that offers a different kind of service to all the others. Here's how Laura described her business:

'I provide fun and funky glitter tattoos for both adults and children. Glitter tattoos are waterproof and can last 5-7 days (We use hypoallergenic cosmetic glue and never re use our stencils for hygiene purposes) 

We have lots of designs to choose from and our fantastic choice of colours ensure each tattoo is unique. 

We already have around 60 designs and I will order some special Christmas designs.'

I think this is a fantastic business and I think everybody, especially the children will love having a glitter tattoo.

You can check out some of Miss Sparkle's designs on Facebook and on their website, and you can follow her on Twitter.

The Christmas Fair - Freya-Rose

Freya-Rose is another confirmed stall holder for our Christmas Fair. They make Hair Clips, Alicebands and Accessories for your little princesses.

Her work is adorable and there is such a fantastic range of stuff, you won't be able to resist treating your little angels with Freya-Rose accessories.

Check out the photo's of her fantastic work on Facebook and come along to the Christmas Fair to pick up some of the cute little bits that they have to offer.

The Christmas Fair - Forget Me Not Bakery

The fourth fantastic stallholder who is confirmed for The Christmas fair is Forget Me Not Bakery.

Samantha runs a home baking business that makes all kinds of cakes, bakes and cupcakes to meet your personal needs.

Come along and treat yourself and the family to some of her yummy treats.

You can follow Forget Me Not Bakery on Twitter or check out their website.

The Christmas Fair - Charmed With Love

We have a third fantastic business confirmed for the Christmas fair on 4th December - Charmed With Love!

I asked Laura to describe her business to me:

'I have recently started making and selling themed charm bracelets, such as a UK themed one, and seasonal Halloween one.  I’m currently working on a bridal one which will be on my website soon. It’s something I really enjoy doing and creating new themed bracelets to add to my collection (only a collection of 3 at the moment I know!) I can also create custom made ones if people are able to give me an idea of colours and charms. I’m hoping to start advertising custom ones as personalised gifts, especially for bridesmaids gifts from the bridal party.'

I'm very excited to see all of Laura's fantastic creations at the fair and I'm sure visitors to the fair will be just as impressed with her work as I am.

Find Charmed With Love on Facebook or check out their website and come along to the fair in December to meet her in person.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Christmas Fair - Little Poppet Cupcakes

Another confirmed stall for the Christmas Fair is Little Poppet Cupcakes. She makes and sells yummy Cupcakes and Occasion cakes and serves the Bolton, Wigan and Chorley areas!

Little Poppets cakes are for any occasion including birthdays, weddings, christening or even when you just fancy a a yummy cake to eat! any occasion big or small! 

We work closely with Little Poppet Cupcakes as they are our main supplier for events and tea parties and we are very excited to have them join us at the fair.

They will be selling lots of their yummy scrummy treats on their stall, so pop down to have a look, and a taste, and then why not purchase a box of delicious cupcakes to take away with you! Treat yourself - it'll be Christmas!

You can also see Little Poppet Cupcakes along with Polka Dots and Pearls at the Vintage Tea Party and Bake Sale, Cineworld Bolton on 21st October.

Pop over to Facebook or Twitter to say Hi and check out the treats they have to offer. 

The Christmas Fair - Angel Face Outer Sparkle

Angel Face Outer Sparkle is our first confirmed stall holder for the christmas fair on 4th December.

They do a number of fantastic products from natural skincare products such as soaps, incense and moisturiser to restored vintage jewellery.

They will be selling their natural skincare products and gift sets on the day of the fair - and they have very kindly donated one of their gifts sets as a prize on the charity raffle! 

So take a look at their website and come along to the fair to see more.

You can also find Angel Face on Facebook and Twitter, so pop over and say Hi!

Polka Dots and Pearls: The Christmas Fair

Attention all Lancashire crafters...

Polka Dots and Pearls are holding a christmas fair on 4th December 2011 at Horwich RMI, Bolton.

The Christmas Fair will be a place for people to come along and buy christmas gifts, cards, decorations and treats. I want it to be a day for all the family to come along and enjoy - there will be a Childrens area and lunch will be available from the kitchen.

I will also be holding a raffle with the help of the fantastic stallholders - the raffle will be for charity, although I haven't yet chosen one.

There will be a variety of stalls at the fair, and I will be posting about each stallholder seperately, so keep checking back for more details on what and who you can find there.

If you know anybody that may be interested in joining us at the fair, please let me know there details, or feel free to give them mine.

Vintage Tea Party and Bake Sale - 21st October 2011

Polka Dots and Pearls have teamed up with Little Poppet Cupcakes to hold a Vintage Tea Party and Bake Sale in aid of Bolton Hospice. The tea party will be held at Cineworld Bolton on Friday 21st October, and sittings will be held from 6pm - 7pm and 7pm - 8pm. 

A little bit about Bolton Hospice
Bolton Hospice is a modern, purpose-built unit with 14 inpatient beds, extensive day care and outpatient facilities, and a Hospice at Home nursing service.
Specialist 'Palliative Care' addresses all patient needs - not just the physical, such as the relief of pain and other symptoms, but also psychological and spiritual needs.
They provide this care at the Hospice and also in the homes of patients who are in the final stages of life.
The Hospice team comprises medical staff, nurses, administrative and clerical staff, catering and housekeeping staff, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, fundraising staff, complementary therapists and chaplaincy.

Little Poppet had the idea to join the Bake-a-thon that Bolton Hospice were doing - she then came to me and asked if I wanted to be involved - obviously I jumped at the chance! This is something totally different to normal events in Bolton, and we think it will be a great night to be part of. After the tea party Little Poppet Cupcakes will be holding a bake sale so you can take home some of her delicious treats - I have a feeling they won't last very long, mmmmm mmmm.

The tickets for the tea party are £12 for a table of 4 people, they can be bought in singles if necessary though.
Tickets are available from the Cinema on 01204 392 347 (ask for Stephen) or by email.
* We are looking for donations of fresh flowers for the venue, as well as loan of table cloths and bunting. If anybody would be interested in helping us out with any of these things please get in touch, we will advertise your company at the event in return for your help.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

October Events for Polka Dots and Pearls

We have two fairs confirmed for October - these will be our first fairs and we are very excited.

The first fair we will be attending is a Vintage Fair by Victoria Claire - this takes place on 9th October in Westhoughton near Bolton. It is the first fair of this sort in the local area so we are very excited and hope to see lots of people there.

 The plans and preparation for our stall are coming together nicely and we hope to stand out amongst the others. Anybody coming to this fair will find a huge variety of vintage and retro stalls, from cupcakes to jewellery to vintage clothes and retro homeware to us, events planning, photoshoots, tea parties, dessert buffets and photobooths.

 Our next fair is Alternative Bridal Fair in Manchester on 23rd October. Again there will be a wide variety of stalls here, but the will be based around weddings unlike the previous fair.

I love the idea of Alternative bridal fairs, I know when I was getting married and looking for ideas and suppliers I was unable to find much locally that suited my needs. I attended local bridal fairs but they were all aimed at the more traditional weddings, which mine definitely wasn't.

I'm looking forward to meeting lots more local businesses and I can't wait to see all the fantastic retro/vintage products and services that everybody has to offer.

I hope both these fairs go well and hope there to be many more in the future!


Polka Dots and Pearls Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago Polka Dots and Pearls and Nomnom Photography teamed up with Cyanide Kiss for a photoshoot. The shoot was to advertise the photoshoot packages that we offer, and Cyanide Kiss were kind enough to lend us some of their gorgeous dresses for the photos.

We went up to the Rivington near Bolton and took some gorgeous photo's in the grounds of castle ruins. The location was gorgeous and the model, Kara, gave us some fantastic photos.

These photographs are taken in a wedding dress and are very classy and elegant - these kind of photo's would be lovely for a bride as another memory of her big day and her fantastic dress.

Since I got married I have had my own Rock the Frock shoot planned, so here are a few of my photo's - I wanted my shoot to be quite fun and full of my personality. The drop from where I was standing was a very long way down.

After the wedding dress shoot, Kara popped on a fifties style dress made by Oh My Honey and had a stroll through some lovely fields full of Lavender - these photo's are gorgeous, Nomnom Photography has worked the colours really well and I adore the editing to make the colours stand out.

Any dress can be used for these kind of shoots, it is a fantastic way of getting another use out of that special dress, it could be a bridesmaid dress, a prom dress or even just a dress you have that you really like and would love to have some amazing photos taken in it for your memories.

Take a look - doesn't Kara look stunning!

Here's a couple more location photo's that we did in a Cyanide Kiss dress.

After finishing the location shoots, we then went back to Nomnom's studio for some pin-up style shoots - these were good fun, and again another thing that I had planned for myself since getting married. The photoshoots that I wanted are what gave me the idea to set up Polka Dots and Pearls - I think everyone should be encouraged to have a retro photoshoot at some point, they are so much fun!

The dresses that were lent to us by Cyanide Kiss are worn by Kara in these shoots. They are such gorgeous dresses and Laura is a brilliant designer.

 And here's a few photo's from my shoot - again I wanted to have fun with them and I am so happy with the final results.

If you'd like a photoshoot similar to any these please get it touch either by email or on my website - www.polkadotsandpearls.co.uk.

Huge thanks to Nomnom Photography, Cyanide Kiss and Kara Sharpe for all your help with the photoshoot.